the music of romance for your wedding

A wedding is a night you’ll remember for the rest of your life. When you take that fateful walk down the aisle, you will think back to the song that serenaded you into the next stage of your life. When you take that first dance with your loved one, you will smile thinking about just how perfect the moment has become.

With Sweet Music by your side, those dreams can become your loveliest reality. Equipped with elegant strings from any combination of instruments, Sweet Music brings enchantment into your wedding night with original pieces performed on the violin, harp, flute, herald trumpet, piano or guitar. Whether for your ceremony, reception or cocktail hour, we come ready with a diverse collection of ensemble pieces that will get your guests dancing in no time. 

a custom music program for a perfect wedding

Always remember that it’s your special day. This means Sweet Music will tailor every one of our performances to whatever musical style you envision. From classical to popular jazz, our company is comprised of the finest professional musicians that keep the party moving long into the night.

Your life-changing affair should glow with the warmth and music of true romance. For any additional questions or consultation, please contact our musical director Marti Sweet. Simply call 800-966-2642 whenever you are ready! We look forward to helping make the best night of your life.